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Book Repair & Restorations - Australia and International

Books are fast becoming part of our history. It up to us to ensure they are kept in a condition that will be of benefit for future generations.

We take the restoration of books seriously. We have adopted a three-part assessment and costing process.

  • As the first step, we’ll give you a ball-park costing, based on either photos or your description of the damage to be repaired
  • Next, once we have the book, we’ll carefully perform a quick assessment with you in our showroom, to make sure its worth our time and your money to undertake the work
  • If we are both in agreement, and if its necessary, we will perform an obligation-free, detailed analysis and prepare a written report on the condition of the book and what we can do to bring it back up to one of three levels: arresting deterioration, practical use, or as close as possible to its original condition. We will wait for your response until we commence any restorative works

Call in to our showroom and have a chat with our restoration specialist, or use the form below.

Book Repair & Restoration Pricing

Our book restoration services start from:

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