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Thesis Printing and Binding FAQ

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    Thesis Order And Payment

    How do I go about ordering my thesis binding?

    Click through to the online order form for Thesis binding and printing.

    How long does it take to print and bind my book?

    Due to the impact of COVID on our operation, our production time is now 18 business days from the next working day that we receive your order. Delivery occurs after this and the timeframe can vary base on where the delivery needs to go.

    Feel free to contact us for the most up to date production and delivery times for your location.

    Express postage is also available at a small additional cost contact us for more information.

    How much does Thesis Binding cost?

    The total cost to print and bind a thesis can vary considerably depending on the customizations you choose.

    As a rough benchmark, a basic print and bind thesis or dissertation is around:

    $100 USD
    $150 AUD
    $82 GBP 
    $155 NZD
    $5500 PSP
    $8200 INR

    per book. Last updated 18 Jan 2023.

    Get a fast online quotation for your thesis or dissertation in your currency of choice with our no obligation quotation form (no email required unless placing an order).

    Do you offer a discount for bulk thesis purchases?

    We have a sliding scale of discounts available when you order more than one copy of buckram thesis. Its best to order all of your copies at the same time so you can maximise your savings.

    Is there a middle-of-the-road option; cheaper than genuine leather but higher quality than buckram?

    We are one of the only binders around who offer a high-quality vegan leather option for binding. The look and feel is so like leather it is hard to distinguish the difference. Vegan leather thesis are exquisitely finished with a book ribbon and premium foiled centrepiece.

    Do you charge a credit card surcharge? 

    We are very proud to state that we are surcharge-free.

    How can I pay for my thesis? 

    We accept all credit cards, including American Express. You can also make a funds transfer. You are welcome to pay by EFTPOS, credit card, cheque or cash when you collect your bound thesis from our bindery.

    If you have opted for one of our delivery options, we require you to pay prior to us arranging delivery.

    Do you have a secure online payment gateway for credit card payments? 

    Yes. Our order form has been securely setup to ensure your details are all safe when paying. Of course, if you have any concerns, please contact us for alternative payment methods

    Thesis and Dissertation Printing Information

    How much does thesis printing cost?

    Thesis Printing Cost: $0.31 AUD ($0.21USD) per black and white page, $0.69 AUD ($0.47 USD) per colour page.

    No extra charge for single sided printing.

    What paper do you use for thesis printing? Can you print on archival paper if needed?

    We always insist on low/neutral acid, sustainable 100gsm paper with archival qualities. We are constantly monitoring the paper to ensure it meets the expectations in regards to quality and consistency.

    Am I able to drop my printed pages to you for thesis binding?

    You are welcome to deliver your printed pages to us in Moorabbin – Monday to Friday, 10am-4pm. ( best to contact us before visiting).

    Thesis Document Specifications

    What margins do I need to leave for binding?

    We ask that you leave a 5mm margin for binding/trimming on all four edges of the page.

    What format does my thesis need to be in for you to print?

    In order to maintain all formatting, fonts, etc. we require that you send your file to us in PDF format. The order form also requests the name of the source program, to assist if there are any issues with preparing it for printing.

    I have foldout pages in my thesis. What do I need to do?

    Our online order form has a space for pages that are not A4. Please enter details there.

    If you are printing your own thesis, please print the pages in A3, and leave them unfolded. We will fit them and fold them to be correctly bound in your books.

    Can you bind a thesis that is not A4 or is an odd size?

    We can bind any book of any shape or size. Contact us for price.

    You are welcome to deliver your printed pages to us in Moorabbin – Monday to Friday, 10am-4pm (best to call before you come)

    Do you offer help with getting my file ready to print?
    If you are struggling to get your thesis file just right, we have engaged a specialist copy editor to help you through the process. From formatting margins to repositioning page numbers and managing image resolution, we have had years of experience fixing thesis files just like yours. Contact us for more details.

    Can you help with my university’s requirements?
    We have completed thesis binding for every university in Australia and many around the world, so we are well versed in the specific requirements for most universities. If we don’t know, we’ll make it our job to find out.

    If there is an error in my thesis, how can it be fixed? 

    Once you have submitted an order, it is automatically in the production queue. Thus it is both difficult and problematic to remove an order to make any changes.

    If you absolutely must make a change to the existing order, there is a $60 fee to make a change to an already submitted order.

    There is no charge to cancel an order and resubmit, but you may miss out on your expected delivery day.

    Thesis Materials And Binding

    What is buckram?

    Buckram is a hard-wearing book cloth, long favoured by libraries, universities and other institutions for book that are frequently used. Our range of buckram colours is comprehensive and we are sure to have a colour to suit every taste.

    What colours of buckram can I get my thesis bound in?

    We currently stock more than 25 colours of buckram, plus many colours in a huge range of book cloths.

    Can I get my own personal copy in leather? 

    Yes, we frequently have students ordering their own genuine leather-bound copy, complete with hand-stamped lettering, book ribbon and premium tooled centrepiece on the front cover. Spine labels, marbled end pages and raised bands (where suited) are also available.

    Are there any other book cloths available?

    We have a fantastic range of linen feel, PU, paper cloth, metallic, vinyl and many other cloths. Our suppliers are constantly sourcing new and interesting ranges from all over the world. Why not come into our bindery showroom and see what options we have available?

    I’ve just finished my thesis and need to submit for examination. Do you offer thermal binding and soft binding? 

    We offer thermal binding up to 50mm with either black or white back cover and clear front.
    Our thermal binding – clear front and black or white spine and back

    Our soft binding – black or maroon front and back, with cloth spine.

    Both options can come with a spine label.

    Are there any optional extras I can add to my thesis binding?

    Our order form lists the additional inclusions: book ribbons, CD pockets, marbled end papers, All of these and more are available on our order form.

    Can you add a CD or map pocket to the inside back cover of my thesis?

    We custom make CD and map pockets from the same colour buckram or vegan leather as your cover, for $9 each.

    What is the maximum number of pages you can bind in one book?

    Using our normal thesis binding process, we are able to bind a maximum of around 500 sheets of paper. While we can employ a different binding process for larger books, we recommend splitting into two volumes, for ease of storage, transport and of course, reading.

    What is the minimum number of pages you can bind in a book?

    The thinnest book we have bound is 6 pages, although we are confident that 1 page is the minimum.

    Stamping And Lettering

    What is stamping or lettering?

    Stamping is the term we use to describe the process of affixing the words to your thesis cover. While it may appear like it has been printed, the process involved heating up brass or lead letters, then pressing them into the surface of the cover with a thin sheet of fast-release foil in between. If you run your fingers along the letters, you may feel how letters have been pressed into the cover. The term lettering has been coined to assist students to understand that we are talking about the words or ‘letters’ in their title, name, degree title, etc.

    I have a very long title. Can you fit it on the front and spine of my thesis? 

    We have a number of different sizes of our thesis font, known as Radiant Medium. This allows us to select a slightly smaller font size when there are many words in a thesis title. In 99% of orders, we have no problem fitting long titles onto the spine of a thesis.

    I have a special or unusual character in my title or my name. Are you able to accommodate this?

    Yes, we utilise state-of-the-art programming to control our foil stamping (lettering) machine. This means we can produce almost any special character for your title or name. There is an additional fee for each special character, per font size (two font sizes are used  – one for the front cover and one for the spine).

    Do you have other fonts available for the front cover and spine lettering?

    We have a large range of fonts, which incur an additional fee.

    Can you print on my cover instead of stamping? 

    Yes we can! We are able to full-colour print on buckram and many of the other book cloths we stock.

    Can you stamp an image or logo on the cover of my thesis?

    We certainly can! Over the years, a number of students have requested their university/college crest or logo to be stamped on the cover, you are more than able to have such stamping on your personal copies.

    Can you print an image in colour on the cover of my thesis?

    Yes! We can print any picture or image onto the cover of book. All we need is a PDF of the artwork!

    Can I get a border impressed into the cover of my thesis?

    We have three ‘blind’ borders available to choose from.

    Thesis and Dissertation Delivery And Pickup

    Can you deliver to my university?
    We can deliver to any address worldwide including Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Singapore, and the Philippines.

    We offer international shipping, so customers all over the world can enjoy our high quality thesis printing and thesis binding services.

    Can you deliver to any address in the world?
    Absolutely! Just provide the details including country and postcode/zip code, and we’ll arrange a price before we send.

    Can I come and collect the thesis when they are completed?

    Yes, of course. Let us know if you prefer this option, and we will notify you when your order is available to collect.

    Our Showroom

    Do you have a showroom where I can see samples of your work and choose my cover colours and lettering options?

    You are welcome to visit our showroom at 33 Ebden St, Moorabbin, Monday to Friday 10 am – 4pm. While we are almost always working in the Bindery, we ask that you make a quick call to us if you plan to visit us,

    What are your opening hours?

    Monday – Friday, 10am – 4pm.

    I work during those hours. Is there some way I can drop off my printed pages?

    Yes. Please contact us, so we can make arrangements with you.

    Are you open on weekends?

    We are not generally open on weekends, however, there are times we might be available to assist you with dropping off or collecting after hours. Please contact us for more details.

    I work/live far from your bindery, is there a way to deliver/drop off printed pages or collected a bound thesis from you after hours?

    Yes, we have a solution for you to deliver to us after hours. Please contact us for details.